1. Mood board, Mood board, Mood board

Pinterest is a Groom/Bride to Be’s best friend. Collate your ideas using Pinterest boards, Pinterest now has the option to make folders within your boards, create a folder solely for poses you want to include in your wedding photos. Most importantly keep these images separate from your other wedding pins to ensure they’re easy to access. There are some brilliant ideas from Pinterest from funny poses to timeless traditional ones. Follow wedding planners and photographers for more options.

2.  Make Time For Timeless Photos

Allow time between getting ready and walking down the aisle. This is the perfect time to capture your outfit before a hair is out of place or happy tears ruin your perfect makeup. Most importantly, this means everything has the opportunity to run on time, and you aren’t at risk of running late.

3.Keep Your Vanity Tidy 

Wherever you’re having your hair and makeup done, whether it be at home or a hotel, it’s essential to some Nearly weds to have photos of themselves getting ready for that big day. Allowing your vanity to be clean and tidy allows the images to be a lot more aesthetically pleasing and an excellent addition to your wedding scrapbook. 

4.Keep Them In The Loop

Give your photographer an order of service, this will allow them a good idea of what time each event is happening, and they can form a plan of action for each lot of photos. You can even annotate their copy to ensure they’re aware of when you’d like each photo taken. 

5.Create Lists For Your Group Photos

Let your photographer know who you want in group photos, providing a list of each group means the photos will go more smoothly and will take less time. 

6.Meet With Your Photographer

The photos are one of the essential parts of a wedding and can be often overlooked. After all, photos are encapsulating your wedding memories forever, and it is important that you select a photographer with a good reputation to ensure your photos are of good quality. Talk with your photographer to ensure you see eye to eye and you can discuss your options.