Product photos can seem like a daunting task as high-quality imagery can be make or break when it comes to making a sale. Your photos will become the visual representation of your company as well as your product too so they must reflect what you are about as a business to put your best foot forward in the commercial worlds.

This article will help you prep your questions and ideas to make the most out of your product photos.

Most studios, that specialise in product photography, will offer pack shot packages that include multiple angles of your product. Let your photographer know what details you want to stand out within your product, it could be specific engravings in jewellery or fine details in some embroidery. Your photographer can enhance these areas and make sure the focus of your customer is drawn to them.

Think about the tone your brand wants to put across, is the face of your company playful and funky? Or is it sleek and minimalist? Perhaps it could be rich and glamourous? Let your lifestyle images reflect this. Lifestyle images will show your products within a stylised environment with props or even your whole collection. By understanding your brand, your photographer can help keep your aesthetics consistent and professional.

How can your photos set you apart from competitors? Pose this question to your photographer, they’d be happy to discuss unique ideas for your photos. Some studios offer packages using new technology like 360-degree photography. Why limit yourself to one photo when you can immerse your customer in the world of your product? 360-degree photography will answer questions about the visuals of your product that singular images can’t always show. This will improve the efficiency of your company too as it means that there will be less returns due to the item looking different to how the customer imagined.

Show. Don’t just tell. Let your photos explain the purpose of your product, from what components fit together like the photo below.

Or even the product in use. This can encourage your customer to picture themselves using your product or how it would feel to use it and promote the purchase of the product.

Talk to your Photographer about your vision and allow them to bring it to life before your eyes.