Starting a business or adding to a portfolio is an expensive endeavour as it is, why add to that with the cost of renting a studio?  There is a multitude of reasons as to why it is essential to have the space to work on photos. Whilst it may seem like an additional cost, renting a studio will eventually become a return and pay for itself.

It no surprise that good photos equal more sales. With shopping online on the rise it brings in more customers but it also means more people are sceptical about what they’re buying, we’ve all had that one online purchase that ended up fooling us with its deceptive photography and description.

Customers want transparency, with a collection of high-quality images to display your product it will put your customer’s mind at ease with what they’re purchasing and will also reduce returns to your website, maximising efficiency.

But where does renting a studio come into this?

You aren’t going to be able to achieve high quality without high-quality equipment, most photography studios offer the equipment within their rent price, this allows you to cut costs on sourcing and buying the equipment for yourself. Buying the equipment for yourself comes with its own set of risks including repair costs for everyday wear and tear as well as replacements when the technology becomes too old and not to mention storing and moving heavy and expensive equipment. Already the studio rent has saved you money on this extra expense.

High quality also requires consistency, without your images being consistent in colour and lighting it will leave your images looking unprofessional and untrustworthy from a customer’s point of view. A studio can provide a controlled environment, this means that environmental lighting from the position of the sun can be eliminated and all of your shots will be consistent in their lighting.

Lifestyle photography becomes a much cheaper and achievable option with studios too, most studios will allow you access to high-quality props and settings, this means that you can create stunning and enticing images without having to splash out on props that will be thrown away after being used. Not only is this more cost-effective it also leads to a lot less waste so you’re doing your part for the environment too!

Breaking out of the uninspiring environment of an office can be a game-changer. Without even realising it you could be associating your office environment as somewhere negative, this will only stifle those creative thoughts. Having a space inspired by innovation and creativity you’ll allow yourself to be more imaginative and it’ll reflect in your images. Even just the change of scenery is proven to have a positive effect on you, renting a studio is certain to encourage ideas.

A second opinion is always a good idea when working on a project, especially when it’s someone outside your company circle. Most studios offer professionals with experience within the photography field that can assist with anything you don’t understand and can point you in the right direction when it comes to learning new techniques or positioning of your products. These professionals often have experience with other companies that may be similar to yours and can offer refreshing ideas to allow you to grow and beat the competition.

Eventually, renting a studio for your photography will pay for itself in the giant boost it will offer your company.